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What is QuickPayNET®?

It is a Web based cloud platform and portal for both Work Comp and Group Health claims. For Group Health it administrates and integrates all vendors necessary for a self-insured CDHP/HSA group health plan and eliminates the problems when implementing a CDHP/HSA health plan. This application utilizes and administers HSA, HRA and employer trust accounts on behalf of employers for their employees and dependants. It links PPOs, PBMs, TPAs, UR/MCM, Banking and all other critical vendors to provide a seemless delivery of a CDHP/HSA using only a single system platform. This platform eliminates the debit card, member bills and member hassle. It completely integrates banking and the claims payment system. QuickPayNet is a complete Point-of-Service adjudication and payment platform, sometimes described as the "Holy Grail" for consumer driven health plans. Learn more at Simplicity Health Plans

QuickPayNET® eliminates the work of processing a medical claim both at the doctors' offices and for the TPA/Employer. Claims are processed immediately over the Web. All accounting for HSA and HRA funds are immediate. A Member, Employer and Provider web portal lets the each party see their claims and payments. Employers can get instantaneous reporting. Employers can also sign up for the StayFit Plan™ The Next Generation of Wellness that is also accessed through the same portal.

How does QuickPayNET® work?
Why does it work?

Because providers see QuickPayNET® as cash with the quick turnaround time, which eliminates the need to bill the patient - even within their deductible.

There are three key components to the QuickPayNET® system:

Proven Software Platform

The underlying software for QuickPayNET® is currently processing over $5 billion in medical claims annually. QuickPayNET® is web-based and there is no requirement for an expensive capital outlay, major systems upgrade, or on-going maintenance. All that is needed is a PC and an Internet connection.

What's in it for your TPA or Employer Client?
For More Information

For more information, contact us or for Group Health visit Simplicity Health Plans®.