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Products Overview

We pride ourselves on building ROI for our clients today and tomorrow. We offer a web-based, enterprise-wide solution removing the traditional clutter of multiple claims management functions, while improving workflow efficiencies and decreasing costs.

Claims Advantage™ Product Suite

Claims Advantage™ is the first comprehensive, online claims management application to manage all aspects of illness/injury bill and claim management for insurers, government agencies, TPAs, MCOs, self-insured organizations, state fund employers and providers. Using web-based application technology, Claims Advantage™ provides seamless connectivity in real-time.

My E-Docs™

My E-Docs™ is an online application that allows for the imaging and management of all paper documents and existing electronic files. Documents can be viewed, routed, faxed, e-mailed, or printed from any PC with an Internet connection. Remote scanning and downloading of documents allows information to be entered and updated from any location and data is available 24/7.

PBM Advantage™

PBM Advantage™ is a complete, online medical billing software system for physicians that streamlines office management and creates paperless workflow through online, real time connectivity. PBM Advantage™ can be tailored specifically to any practice and can manage everything from appointment scheduling to medical reporting.


QuickPayNET™ is a web based cloud platform that administrates CDHP/HSA self-insured group health plans, that eliminates ALL the drawbacks of a CDHP and is the best implementation of a high deductible plan. This application utilizes and administers HSA, HRA and employer trust accounts. If you're looking for a simple and efficient way to implement a CDHP/HSA plan then look no further.