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My E-Docs™ - Document Imaging & Records Management Solution

PBM offers an innovative, online data management solution that images and manages all paper documents and existing electronic files for corporate or personal use. Our "Pay For What You Store" pricing schedule provides ultimate flexibility and savings allowing you to purchase electronic storage space based on your needs at minimal cost; and there is no charge for retrieval of images.

Once stored, documents can be viewed, routed, faxed, e-mailed or printed by authorized users form any PC connected to our data centers, via the Internet. Data is available 24/7 and the system allows all involved parties to view critical documents instantaneously and simultaneously.

My E-Docs™ has been approved by BICEPP, The Business and Industry Council for Emergency Planning and Preparedness of the American Red Cross. We currently provide the My-Docs™ solution to a cross section of Midwest business owners who are concerned with business continuity in the wake of disaster or interruption.

We offer two products:

1.) My E-Docs™ Professional - for corporate use

2.) My E-Docs™ Personal - for personal and home use

Benefits to consider:

Eliminate Gridlock - All you need is something to slow down your staff, just like if an employee position relies on another employee to complete his or her tasks. Vacation, sick day, special holidays can all cause intra office gridlock because someone could not get access to a file that they needed. Now have immediate access to key information.

Increase Efficiency - Document Imaging involves a realm of advantages to providing quicker response time (Customer Service), which effects existing business and new business. Less red tape and more efficient staff, as well as immediate cost savings on storage cost and postage.

Built in Disaster Recovery - In case of fire, flood, tornado, etc.. Does your company have a back up of the files that they need to operate day to day at an off-site location? Documents burned onto an optical disk have a shelf life of 80 years. My E-Docs™ utilizes mirrored IBM servers, in highly secure and distinct geographical locations, to warehouse and protect your data.

Key Features:
Web-Based: Securely access information remotely from any location by any PC connected to the Internet.
Secure: 256-bit encryption of images over the Internet.
Mirrored IBM Servers: Two data centers in distinct geographic regions, connected to IBM.
Scanners: Use any type of scanner, just plug and play.
Remote Scanning, Viewing & Uploads: Ability to scan, view and upload documents from any PC.
Workflow: Automatic and manual workflow.
Routing of documents: Automatic and manual with notes.
Notes: Highlighted and appended to documents.
Stamps: User defined stamps attached to documents.
Annotation: Annotations print on document.
Fax, Email, Print Documents: User security and audit trails.
Index Headings & Values: Selectable, conditioned and secured, user definable.
Sort by Index: Sort by any or all indexes.
Redaction: Blackout fields or images.
Audit Trail: For items viewed, routed, faxed, printed or emailed.
View Multiple Documents: View many documents simultaneously.
Electronic Documents: Store and index over 150 different types, drag & drop.
Cache Images: On local or network drives.
Retrieve Images: Via Internet in 3-5 seconds.
User Purges: Utility tools let you purge images to CD at any time.
Pay For What You Store: No charge for retrieval of images.
Easily Implemented: Quickly in hours.
Saves time: Decrease time to retrieve documents by 95%.
No More Lost Documents: Never be without a document.
Scalable: Enormous storage capacity on DASD no CD jukeboxes.