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PBM Advantage™ - Online Medical Billing & Practice Management Solution

PBM has developed PBM Advantage™ for physicians, a practice management and billing system that automates the billing function securely via the Internet. Now doctors can have the tools to connect all of their office locations, improve cash flow and collect what the insurance companies and patients owe them quickly. PBM Advantage™ provides doctors with cutting-edge billing technology right in their office without the headaches and huge capital outlay of owning it. All they need is a computer and a connection to the Internet!

Benefits to consider:

Affordable & Easy To Use: No huge capital outlay. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. The low monthly fee makes PBM Advantage™ an affordable solution. We provide on-going training and the system is easy to use.

Efficient: PBM takes care of all computer operations and software maintenance. Such tasks as nightly data backups, claims submission to electronic payers, off-site data storage, disaster recovery are no longer daily concerns of your office staff.

Accessible: PBM customers connect to its proprietary network virtually "around the clock" to register patients, post charges and enter payments. Physicians can connect from their homes to view reports, medical records, etc...

Save Time: PBM submits electronic insurance claims, generates and mails patient letters and statements. Literally thousands of pieces of paper leave the physician's office and relieve the office staff of the labor intensive activities of printing, collating, stuffing, sealing, and stamping all the correspondence normally produced by any medical office.

Secure: Patient and practice information stays secure with our state-of-the-art technology.

System Highlights:
Patient Scheduling: - Patient Scheduling is efficient and user-friendly.
- Scan for available appointments by date, day of week, number of months or doctor.
- Print appointment reports by day, week or month for any doctor or location.
- Track "No Shows", canceled appointments and establish a waiting list.
Patient Billing: - Provides a flexible and scalable billing system that enables full line-item posting and automatic generation of primary, secondary, tertiary and crossover claims.
- Automatic patient account numbering.
- Family or individual patient registration.
- Insurance carrier and employer lookup for quick, accurate billing.
- User-friendly and efficient charge entry and payment posting, from one central screen, all with minimum of keystrokes.
- Online access to ICD-9 diagnosis book.
- Custom superbills created online by your staff.
- Full open item billing that allows for highly detailed reporting.
- Multiple charge posting via one screen
- Mandatory and optional charges may be attached to a basic fee.
- Multiple fee schedule processing by location, insurance carrier, billing class, and physician.
- Online treatment and diagnosis code tables.
- Time-of charge discounts.
- Complete capitated line item processing.
- Case management alerts.
- Time-of-Service itemized statements, superbills by specialty, home-going and return-to-work instructions.
- Insurance forms generated daily and automatic insurance refiling done at user-determined intervals.
- "On-Demand" insurance forms and letters.
- Electronic claims and remittance to Medicare, Medical Mutual and over 500 commercial insurance companies.
- Custom statements and completely automated billing cycles for statements.
- Numerous "edits" to ensure accuracy.
Payment Posting: - Batch payment posting to ensure accuracy.
- Complete payment batch reports for filing.
- Patient claims may be selected by name, patient number, guarantor, social security number and more...
- Online lookup of open claims by payer or employer.
- Unapplied payment processing and transfer.
- Automated refund check processing.
- Easy capitated check posting.
- Easy to use credit balance transfer.
- Line item payment posting or post to account.
Collections: - "In-house" collection tools include letters, final notices, broken "promise-to-pay" tracking.
- Collection letter and notices sent at user-defined intervals.
- Patient reports and payment plans for use by outside collection agencies.
- Outside collection agency efficiency reports.
Patient Relations: - Complete online patient information and claims status inquiry.
- Comments may be placed on one or all of the patient's claims.
- Patient complaint tracking.
- Easy access to update patient information.
Practice Management Reporting: - Hundreds of reports to manage your practice.
- Complete accounts receivable aging reports and collection reports.
- Payment and adjustment analysis reports.
- Insurance carrier follow-up reports.
- Physician referral reports.
- User defined daily and monthly closing reports.
- Monthly closing reports include month-to-date & year-to-date.
- Extensive managed care and reimbursement analysis reports.
- Physician revenue analysis reports.
- MSO reporting.
- Capitation reporting.
- Case Management reporting.
- MCO processing
- EOB's and checks.
- Admit/discharge time reports.
- Extensive user reports.
- User defined special report generator.
Electronic Document Imaging: - Web-based connectivity links any involved, authorized party with access to a PC and an Internet connection.
- Medical records are instantaneously and simultaneously available from any location.
- Provides imaging and management of medical records and other existing electronic files.
- Documents can be viewed, routed, faxed, emailed or printed by authorized users from any PC connected to the PBM via the Internet and are available 24/7.
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