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We Have Many Case Studies and Provide Services to the Largest VEBA (98,000 Employees) in the U.S.
What Our Clients Have To Say...

We have always measured our success by the success of our clients. Read on to see how some of our clients feel about our service, our software, and our people...

“Since installing Claims Advantage™ case management software in March 1998, we've been extremely pleased by our ability to manage workers' compensation claims from beginning-to-end. Claims Advantage™ is far superior to our previous software in its capacity to quickly and efficiently process case management information and transmit data to the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (OBWC). We've found that the Claims Advantage™ system has strengthened our relationship with the OBWC and we know that we are compliant with and adaptable to all Bureau changes.”

“Bill payment was one of our biggest concerns. Now, with Claims Advantage™, we have an unsurpassed system for bill tracking and payment. And, when our staff has questions about the system, they are confident the Claims Advantage™ Client Services Team will respond promptly and effectively.”

Karen Agnich
Chief Operating Officer

“We are very pleased with our decision to move to Claims Advantage™- they have provided excellent service and a great tool that has allowed us to grow our business considerably.”

David E. Howard
Vice President, Claims
Eagle Claims Management

“Claims Advantage™ is an easily learned system. In most cases, new employees can be trained in one day. System support is excellent. The quarterly user group meetings are a great opportunity to bring any software issues directly to the PBM staff.”

Richard DeStefano
Premier Managed Care