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We Have Many Case Studies and Provide Services to the Largest VEBA (98,000 Employees) in the U.S.

GENEX Care for Ohio is a subsidiary of GENEX Services, Inc., which is owned by the Provident Companies. With 1,400 employees, GENEX Services offers employers, insurers, and third-party administrators solutions to the escalating costs associated with Workers' Compensation, healthcare, and disability.


GENEX was faced with losing their MCO contract with the state of Ohio because their existing installed software package that had been marketed as EDI-cabable and compliant with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation was hopelessly ineffective. Despite their efforts to bring the software into compliance, GENEX was concerned that the system would not meet the industry requirements. GENEX needed an immediate solution that could handle both their volume and multiple locations.


GENEX executive managers consulted their industry peers and learned of PBM's software program called Claims Advantage™ and its exceptional performance. They contacted PBM right away.

“We shut down our old system on a Friday, and the Claims Advantage™ system was up and running by the following Monday,” recalls Teresa Pajak, MCO Director for GENEX Care for Ohio. “The system was immediately functional. My staff only needed a day and half of training on the Claims Advantage™ system, compared to eight days of training for our previous system. Claims Advantage™ was so easy to learn that it only took me five minutes to enter my first ‘report of injury' claim.”

In addition to its office in Wayne, Pennsylvania, GENEX Care for Ohio also has an administrative office in Schaumburg, Illinois.

“Our employees at both offices are very pleased with the Claims Advantage™ system,” says Pajak. “Compared to our old system, Claims Advantage™ is much easier to use. Employees can be trained very quickly on the Claims Advantage™ system, usually within one day. Most importantly, we've reduced data entry time by 50 percent.”

Pajak added that software upgrades and enhancements are accomplished very quickly. “We've requested several modifications to the system, and the Client Services Staff has accommodated each of our requests. Clearly, the Claims Advantage™ application has enabled us to work more efficiently. In turn, we've been able to provide improved service to our clients.”

Value Delivered

GENEX found that enhancements and customizations are implemented quickly and seamlessly without disruption to their business. The Claims Advantage™ installation was accomplished over one weekend and upgrades are done automatically by the PBM staff.

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