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PBM introduces Our OBWC Qualified Wellness Vendor - StayFit Plan, to learn more about this economical wellness program for Ohio employers click OBWC Wellness Vendor

PBM introduces Our Health Index Calculator™ (HIC);, to learn more about this motivational wellness tool that can replace the HRA and how it can save you on claims cost click HIC and visit our StayFit Wellness™ site, contact us today!Click HIC;

PBM introduces In Partnership, The Med Negotiator™ for Patient Balance Bill Negotiation, to learn more about this cost saving tool and how it can save your employees on claims cost, contact us today!The Med Negotiator

PBM introduces QuickPayNet®, with Simplicity Health Plans® a web based cloud application that administrates CDHP/HSA self funded health plans and is the best implementation of a CDHP.

QuickPayNET® is the only Point-of-Services adjudication and payment system for healthcare. Thoroughly tested now for 3 years, it eliminates the work of processing a medical claim both at the doctors' offices and for the TPA creating a paperless environment. All accounting for HSA and HRA accounts is immediate - one system for Banking and Claims!

To learn more about QuickPayNet® click here...

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TPAs - You Can Use Our CDHP/HSA Platform Without Any Capital Investment! Call Today

Claims Advantage is the Ultimate, Scalable Web-Based RMIS Solution Processing & Re-Pricing Claims For Over 30,000 Employers, MCO's and Insurers Nationwide

The Only Software with Return To Work and DODM Standards Built In To Predict Cost And Guide Pay For Performance For Case Managers.

Now you can implement the StayFit Plan™ a very cost effective wellness program that addresses the overall health of your workforce that will help achieve return to work metrics and impact your group health claims cost. Click StayFit Plan™

Order our Simple Solutions To Stay Healthy - Health and Wellness Guide for your employees. Written by a doctor and nurse, it exposes the naked truth about how easy it is to stay healthy. Revelations may startle you! Employer Quantity Discounts Available.
Click - Available Here Hardcopy and on Amazon Kindle.

At PBM, we pride ourselves on building ROI for our clients today and tomorrow. Some firms offer piece-meal products requiring costly additional modules. We offer a complete web-based, enterprise-wide solution removing the traditional clutter of multiple claims management functions, while improving work flow efficiencies and decreasing client costs by 30% or more.

Our Software is the first comprehensive, secure web based cloud platform to manage all aspects of Work Comp illness or injury bills, claims management and Group Health CDHP/HSA claims for insurance companies, TPA’s, MCO’s, self-insured and state fund employers, providers, and government agencies since 1997. Our systems support some of the largest companies in the U.S. and state agencies.

We empower risk managers, claims managers, adjusters, insurance managers, attorneys, third-party administrators (TPAs), safety managers and other risk management professionals with comprehensive solutions that link their key risk, claims and policy data.

How efficient are your claim operations? PBM can help.